London Escort Directory

If you’re looking for a classy companion, we specialize in providing our visitors with the most up to date information for London Escorts in the London and Greater London area which also includes Gatwick and Heathrow. What makes our directory different is that we don’t just allow anyone to advertise with us, and work hard to screen listings to ensure that only the most beautiful and professional escorts and agencies are featured.

What is an Escort?

Professional escorts are incredibly intelligent individuals who are talented in the art of conversation, discretion and most importantly, pleasure. The attractive escorts in London that we list on our directory dress impeccably and are often invited to attend high class business events as well as social gatherings. Many also have their own apartments and can offer both in-call and out-call services. It’s important to know that the services that these seductive women provide is completely legal.

Typical London Escort Services

Escorts first and foremost offer companionship services. They can arrange to meet you at certain location, invite you to their apartment or vice versa. Many people choose to hire a London escort service simply to have someone to talk the night away with, or would like to choose someone who is talented as a masseuse to massage away the tension built up from a hard day’s work. If there is a mutual attraction, it’s up to two (or more) adults what they choose to do although an escort can always decide to leave an event or meeting at any time if they so choose.

Genuine Profiles of Escorts in London

We take the time to screen all the models and agencies who are listed in our directory. As a result, unlike many London escort directories that try to entice people with fake pictures and dishonest profiles, all the stunning models in our directory are the real thing. Additionally, we work hard to ensure that only the most revered London escort agency services are listed. All escorts are over the age of 18.

How Should I Behave Around an Escort?

Many people who choose to hire an escort in London often form a special bond that lasts for years. Whether you find someone who you really gel with, or would just like a companion for a night, it’s important to know that these are highly professional women offering their time and invaluable skills and should be treated with respect. Consider a meeting akin to going on a date, so be on your best behavior and respect the wishes of the escort at all times – this includes both physical and emotional boundaries. Under no circumstances should anyone ever treat an escort as something less than a person.

By keeping this in mind, you’ll never regret selecting one of the gorgeous girls from our directory. Additionally, since the London escorts we feature all take care to ensure they are well groomed, hygienic and work hard to ensure their bodies are designed to please, it’s an unwritten rule that their clients choose to stay clean and smart themselves. Lastly, when it comes time to pay for an evening of companionship, pay the correct amount and don’t haggle. Many clients also choose to offer a friendly tip.


As mentioned, the escorts and agencies listed in our directory provide escort services in London and the Greater London area. This also includes people who are flying in or out from Gatwick and Heathrow. Many of the exquisite ladies in our directory offer their services in Victoria, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Earls Court and Chelsea. They are also able to meet up at any London hotel. You can discuss location when you arrange the rendezvous via phone or email.

With one final word; to experience a night with one of these extraordinary women is a rarity that you’ll remember for a lifetime. However, this is a “people business” and chemistry plays a big part in how a client and an escort get on. Our goal as a premium escort directory is help facilitate the search process and ensure both escort and client have a great time.